Sapient’s “Fastest Shoes” Gets the Visual Treatment


Less than a week after dropping his amazing new song, “Fastest Shoes,” Sapient has already released a set of visuals for his latest single. Continue reading


Ovef Ow Drop Their “Psycho Crush” Music Video


After releasing their Working EP last summer, Ovef Ow, the Chicago Surf Rock/Post-Punk quartet, kind of went off the grid. Thankfully, the group reappeared on the scene today with the release of their “Psycho Crush” music video. Continue reading

Review: Big Fish Theory Is a Half Measure For Vince Staples


Note: My music reviews will always be “late.” It is my belief that albums should be listened to in different moods, settings, and after extended breaks, all while conditioning yourself to accept what you were given as opposed to what you wanted. Only then can you give a legitimate and honest critique of the material.

With the current wave of mainstream Hip Hop, it can become easy for listeners to get a little jaded, especially if their primary means of music discovery comes from radio or curated playlists. Because like the Bling-era in the 2000s, contemporary Trap music is ruling the airwaves, and it’s reached the point where the sound has become a little sterile and drained of any previous complexities. Amidst this group of artists riding trends, you have others pushing boundaries, as well as others embracing throwbacks, and then you have someone like Vince Staples who, in the middle of 2017, dropped the quirky Big Fish Theory. Continue reading