Wool See – LifeAlert (Announcement)


Late last year, a new artist popped up on my Twitter feed. However, after pressing play on “Christmas Card,” it soon became clear that this wasn’t a new artist at all. IAME of Sandpeople and Oldominion fame–okay, maybe not fame–had created a new side project, Wool See, and The Winter Worn EP was his introduction. A short four song project that wasn’t even 12 minutes long, Winter Worn was a cool winter-themed one-off that appealed to fans of IAME’s past efforts, but one that failed to establish the need for a pseudonym.

Contrary to my original impressions, Wool See wasn’t a one time thing. Come April, Winter Worn’s successor, Homie Garden, gets released, and it’s more experimental, more daring, and the music begins to better distinguish itself from what we heard on projects like I Am My Enemy and Lame. Not too bad, two projects in four months. I can respect it, but Ryan still isn’t done because, “F@#% it, let’s make this a seasonal thing!” And at the tale-end of August, he drops Shed, which is arguably the most complete offering yet.

I know what you’re thinking, “August? If this is the Summer project, that doesn’t leave a lot of time to get one out for Fall.” Technically, you’re right, but Wool See is anything but conventional. Although I was skeptical at first, I have recently boarded the Wool See hype train, and just when I thought we were going to miss out on a Fall album, the man himself drops a trailer for his fourth project, LifeAlert. Taking us briefly through the three projects above, we eventually end with a new snippet, which sounds bananas, as well as the the cover art done by fellow Sandpeople representative, Sapient-motherfucking-kills! The hype is too real.

Just watch the damn video.


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