The Bear and the Sea – Melt (New Release)


I am a selfish human being. I’m sorry, but it had to be said. When I kicked off this new blog last month, one of the first posts I made was for The Bear and the Sea’s latest single, “Hollow Masters.” I lauded him for his debut, Trees Like You, and rejoiced at the news that we were finally–finally!–getting a new project, which came a few weeks late, but this is forgivable. So why am I selfish? Because when I saw the tracklist for this new EP, I immediately said, without thinking, “What? But I’ve already heard two of these songs!” It’s ridiculous, I know, especially when you take into consideration that he originally stated this was going to be a three-track release, so in retrospect, nothing was lost because three of these five songs are still new.

But I’m getting sidetracked from what’s important, which is that Melt, The Bear and the Sea’s new EP, is here, and it’s beautiful. Sporting three brand spanking new songs–the title song, “Kid Elevator,” and the aforementioned “Hollow Masters”–Melt also gives a proper home to two previously released tracks, “Like Zippers For Sky” and “Shell Beach,”* both of which appeared on random compilation projects before. I’m still digesting the new material, but for someone who has been fiending for some new music from this man, Melt is really scratching that itch. You can stream or download it on Bandcamp below, with the promise of iTunes and Spotify availability soon to come.

*Keep in mind “Shell Beach” was originally released as a single for his sophomore effort, Caves. Because of its inclusion on this EP, it can be assumed that it won’t appear on the new album, which may be given a new name entirely due to the fact that he is essentially reworking it from the ground up.


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