Wool See – LifeAlert (New Release)


Staying true to his word, Wool See–IAME’s latest musical baby–has released his fourth and final project of the year, LifeAlert. This latest album marks the conclusion to his Wool Seasons series, and if it accomplished nothing else, Ryan should take comfort in the fact that this series has demonstrated an incredible amount of growth in this new project over such a short period of time. After only one listen, I can already say that LifeAlert is leagues ahead of its predecessors due to its focus and seemingly effortless execution. There is truly nothing else like this in the current Hip Hop scene, but don’t just take my word for it, give it a listen. For the time being, the album can only be found on Bandcamp, where you can stream or download it for whatever price you wish.

“I Google weapons for the sake of rhymes. Somewhere someone’s doing it with intent to buy and use for homicide, genocide, suicide, what side you side with? I’m for peace, that’s still a side to die with.”


2 thoughts on “Wool See – LifeAlert (New Release)

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