Goldini Bagwell – Classicool Pt. II


Going into December, some were thinking of Christmas, others New Years, but me? I was dreading the inevitable end to one of my favorite things in 2015, Goldini Bagwell’s monthly Smoker’s Jacket series. Since he kicked things off back in January with “Climb Trees,” I have been in Mr. Bagwell’s corner, admiring not only his dedication, but also growing a newfound respect for his ability to work any beat that came his way. Some tracks were honest and introspective, others aggressive and braggadocios, but the one consistent element in the mix was that regardless of the approach, the songs were always great.

But I’m rambling unnecessary sentiments at this point, because if you know me, you know how I feel about the Sandpeople crew, and if you don’t, well, I have a ton of past material for you to read up on. What matters now is the music, so the big question of the hour is: Did Goldini do the series justice with the final offering? … Of course he did, you dunce! For his victory lap, not only does he choose to revisit 2009’s “Classic Cool,” but he enlists fellow labelmate and Sandpeople representative Wool See to provide the cool, laid-back instrumental. And to top it off? Wool See provides some hook support and Illmaculate himself makes a small appearance, as well.

You know what? I’m really going to miss getting excited like this on a monthly basis, but all good things must come to an end, I suppose. You can listen to the final entry in this wonderful series below.

“Small town, big scene, tryna earn an honest buck. All 2015, dropped a song a month. Thought that shit was clean, but to be honest, bruh, it really didn’t do digits, but it’s cool (yea, I’m cool with it).”


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