I Submitted My Last Assignment

The day has finally come! I have reached the light at the end of the tunnel and guess what? It wasn’t a train! No, sir (or madam), it was my freedom. I’m not sure how I did it, but I managed to push through the last four years without so much as a stumble. There were annoying instructors, sure, as well as moments of adversity, but I never broke, even when I wanted to quit, or at least take a break. Unfortunately, because I held off on graduating early, my ceremony won’t be until June, but oh well.

Ironically, this is also the same time I should be starting my master’s program, which means my definitive end will also spark the start of my next journey. I will admit, though, I do wish this would have resulted in me having a better idea of what I wanted to do in life, but what can you do. I might as well work on climbing the corporate ladder until I think of something better. I was thinking of using this as a way to voice my opinion on the overall experience of completing my degree, but perhaps I will visit that topic at a later date.


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