IG88 – Hiding In My Hands (New Release)


Today may be Branden Clarke’s birthday, but it is us who got the best present of all: a new album from IG88. My anticipation for this release these past few weeks has been insurmountable, borderline psychotic, but good things eventually come to those who wait. For his first release with Stylss, IG88 links up with the likes of Jenni Pots, CoMa, and more; giving listeners a mix of songs both old and new, though from my brief skimming it appears that we received a slightly restructured version of “While The Businessmen Sleep.” I can’t wait to dig into this record after I publish this, so here are my parting words before I make my descent: if you want to give a stranger a birthday present, listen to his new album. It can be streamed or purchased on Bandcamp below, and if Spotify is more your thing, it can be found on there too.


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