Sapient – “L.I.E.”


After an uncharacteristically quiet year from the underground legend–he’s earned that title; fight me if you think otherwise–2016 can finally begin as Sapient has released his first musical offering of the year, “L.I.E.” With the exception of “Dawn of the Red” and “Gone Defcon Flip,” we last heard from the Sandpeople representative on 2014’s Eaters, Vol. 2: Light Tiger. He spent most of 2015 touring, and if you caught any of his stops, you knew he was working on new music. Now, after a terribly long wait on my end, I’m proud to announce that his new EP, Fool For Gold, is within arms reach.

Kicking things off is the aforementioned “L.I.E.,” which you can get an .mp3 of if you choose to pre-order the EP on bandcamp. The greedy part of me wishes we had gotten “The Push” or “Only Silent When Hunting” first, but I can’t complain too much because of how good this song is. In true Sape fashion, you have some of his unique falsettos, a little bit of acoustic guitar, and even some strings midway through the track. At the forefront, though, are these heavy synths that make the song bouncy as all hell. Seriously, I dare you to listen to this song without bobbing in your seat… I bet you failed.

Fool For Gold releases on July 13, 2016 and pre-orders–both physical and digital–can be found on Bandcamp.


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