Aesop Rock – “Lazy Eye”


The Impossible Kid is only a week and a half away, but this doesn’t stop Aesop Rock from releasing the album’s third single, “Lazy Eye.” In contrast with the previous music videos, the visuals for “Lazy Eye” have a more DIY approach. After invading the The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum in Portland, it appears that the entire thing was shot in one take, with some random images edited in after the fact. It’s a little odd and off the wall, which is something you would usually expect from the Hip Hop veteran, but given his last two videos, it definitely feels different here.

Now you should understand I say this not to be negative. In fact, it’s good that the video is so different from “Rings” and “Blood Sandwich,” because the song itself presents an interesting dichotomy, as well. Aesop Rock is still touching on similar themes of aging and regret, but the instrumental isn’t nearly as dreary. On the contrary, it’s actually kind of bouncy, and the beat has this killer bassline that does a great job of complimenting Aesop’s vocals. Truthfully, it sounds like something that would have appeared on one of the Hail Mary Mallon records, which I’m all for.

If you’re slipping and you still haven’t pre-ordered the album, physical and digital pre-orders are still up. If you’re on top of it, you can catch “Lazy Eye” below.


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