Illmaculate – “Runaway”


Any day that comes with new music from Illmaculate is a good day in my book. Coming off of the release of Only & Ill last September, Illmaculate hasn’t made too much noise since. Fans saw him battle Rone at Blackout 6 in February, and after a disappointing loss, based on his Instagram posts, the previous KOTD champion seemingly moved into the studio. Sooner or later we knew he would present the fruits of his labor and today we get a taste of what he’s been cooking up.

This latest single, “Runaway,” can be found on a new project from Furtado Yuen, #BeatTape. The song seems to act as the unofficial closer, partly because it sticks out like a sore thumb, and partly because, although it’s technically on the tracklist, it’s not grouped in with the rest of the instrumentals. Yuen is joined by Chase Moore on the production, providing something that is equal parts thick and dreamy, as these synthetic drums are laced with an eerie vocal sample. Illmac, on the other hand, rides the beat with ease, incorporating a handful of different flows, and generally doing what he does best.

Both “Runaway” and the full, albeit short, #BeatTape can be found on Soundcloud below.


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