Sapient – “L.I.E.” (Music Video)


With Fool For Gold still a few months away, Sapient hops back in the director’s chair to deliver a new set of visuals for his latest single, “L.I.E.” Although he only has a few videos under his belt, you can tell Sapient’s already starting to develop his own style. “L.I.E.” is arguably his most unsettling effort yet, as there are frequent flashes of animal bones and carcasses. In fact, death and deterioration seem to be the main theme this time around. From the worn down and abandoned shacks, to the broken down cars and rusted tools, Sape himself is the only thing in the video not completely beaten down by age and the passing of time. Even then, the pressure of grinding for over a decade seems apparent in his facial features, which is something I can only assume was intentional.

Fool For Gold is set to release on July 15th, which means there’s still plenty of time to grab your pre-order bundles. Until then, check out the video for “L.I.E.” below.


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