Sapient Flips Radiohead – “L.I.E. (Remix)”


Sapient’s upcoming EP Fool For Gold is arguably my most anticipated project of the year, and although its release is still a month away, the Sandpeople representative continues pushing the EP’s lead single “L.I.E. We first heard the single back in April when Fool For Gold was announced, then the music video was released a month later, and today we are getting the remix. This recent remix also acts as the fourth entry in his Sapient Flips series–my unofficial title–and this time around he’s tackling Radiohead’s “Burn the Witch.” As with his previous flips, there’s an accompanying video that shows how he went about flipping the material. The end result is something that’s more somber in comparison, yet it maintains the same spirit and soul of the original song.

You can watch Sapient work his magic below, and if you like what you hear, it’s available for download on Bandcamp. Also keep in mind there’s still time to grab one of the tasty pre-order packages for Fool For Gold.


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