HALFMANHALF – “Belts” (Music Video)


It’s been nearly a month since HALFMANHALF released his new album FiLTH, and yesterday he let loose a music video for one of my favorite cuts, “Belts.” I watched the video shortly after it was posted, but due to what happened in Orlando, I thought it would be insensitive to push something as frivolous as music during the aftermath when a much more important discussion was going on–thankfully, HALF felt the same way.

“Belts” is one of those tracks that stood out to me because the production, handled by Lukis Beats, is beautiful, and it is paired with an equally haunting hook, “Yea, that’s right where the belt go; around the arm, wrapped, it’s a wrap when you let go.” Behind the camera is Kit Crenshaw, who masterfully handles the thematic tone of the track. It’s dark and gritty, reminding me a little of a dramatic short film. He plays a lot with shadows, and his edits are chaotic, which together help create something tense and engaging.

The music video for “Belts” can be found below. If you like what you hear, FiLTH is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify.


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