Insomniac Reveals New Spider-Man Game


It’s E3 time, folks, and while covering video game news isn’t really what I do on this blog, I’m going to make an exception for now because, well, Spider-Man. I’ve spoken of my love for this beautiful web-head in previous comic book related posts, so I won’t retread familiar waters. All I’ll say is this is arguably my news of the show, which should tell you all you need to know.

Rumors started circulating early last month that Sucker Punch–the studio responsible for the inFamous franchise–might be working on a new game based on everyone’s favorite wall crawler. And while this would have been a match made in heaven, it turns out the studio behind the new game is actually Insomniac (of Ratchet and Clank fame). So maybe not as perfect a pairing, but Insomniac makes fine games in their own right. The biggest news of all, however, is that this Spider-Man outing is going to be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 *gasp*.

There’s no release date yet, but there is the exciting trailer that debuted at Sony’s press conference, which you can watch below.


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