Joe Budden Goes at Drake, Meek Mill, and Jay-Z


Well, this is incredibly embarrassing. Let’s be honest, Joe Budden might be the king of the long-winded rant songs; he drops them all the time. Love, the industry, personal struggle–these are the usual topics of discussion, and most of the time he can be trusted to come through on these longer tracks. Hell, songs like these are part of the reason I got into his music in the first place. They’re emotional and vulnerable, yet they’re coming from a man who’s trying so hard to be transparent, so they feel hard as nails. So here we are in 2016, with what I believe is a non-existent Drake beef, and he releases his latest, “Making a Murderer (Part 1).”

Man, what a train wreck, huh? Do you wanna know what this is? This song is validation for all of the clowns who write off Joe because of “Pump It Up.” That’s his biggest song, they don’t know any others, and therefore he’s trash. With araabMUZIK behind the boards, Budden goes off for six and a half minutes over an atrocious beat with some of the crunchiest and most unappealing synths I’ve heard in my life, which results in the entire song feeling like it wasn’t mixed properly. That doesn’t stop Budden from making it worse, though.

On “Making a Murderer” Budden sounds like a chameleon that’s having a stroke. He’s not doing anything too out of the ordinary with his flow, yet his vocal inflection is all over the place. At times he sounds out of breath, others he’s doing this weird growl, and none of it makes sense because the lyrics don’t feel like they justify all of these theatrics; theatrics, mind you, that have never been a part of his repertoire. I honestly feel like Budden has no idea why he was making this song, because if he did, it definitely wasn’t apparent.

I never heard the Budden diss on “4pm In Calabasas.” I doubt anyone did, honestly, but Joe said it was there, so everyone reported it as such. When you look at “Making a Murderer” in this light, Budden sounds like a delusional old dude who forgot to take his medication. He’s talking about Drake, he’s taking pot shots at Meek, he’s mentioning Hov, he’s back on Drake, he’s talking about himself. I mean, seriously, Joe, what is the point? Better yet, what made you think “And since you signed to five guys, makes you a burger” was a good punchline?

Look, the bottom line is this: this whole song should have never happened. That’s it. If Budden felt some kind of way about what was said on “4pm In Calabasas” that’s fine, but Drake never came out and said he had any issues, and the perceived diss was so subliminal as to potentially not even exist. However, disregarding all of that, if you still felt the need to release something like this, then actually make a track that works as both a song and a diss record. Because the last time I cringed this much while listening to a diss track was when Meek first came at Drake, and we all know how that turned out.

Before I close this out, it should be noted that I don’t really like Drake. Outside of a few joints, I have been adamantly against him, and during my high school years I would straight up get in arguments with people who liked his music. I do, however, love Joe Budden, which is why it’s so annoying to watch him flail about with no real purpose. It should also be noted that Budden released “Flex” with Fabolous & Tory Lanez earlier today, also produced by araabMUZIK. If this is what’s to be expected with Rage and the Machine we should be worried because it seems like he dropped “Making a Murderer” on the same day to overshadow how boring “Flex” is.


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