Sapient – “Fool For Gold” (Music Video)


Okay, this isn’t funny anymore. Does this man know how to create something even remotely disappointing?

The hits just keep on coming, and with Fool For Gold only a short week away, Sapient has released a new music video for the EP’s title song. Backed by a smooth guitar lead with some light, but effective drums, the instrumental on “Fool For Gold” almost sounds like something we would have heard on Slump. Lyrically, “Fool For Gold” has the Sandpeople representative reflecting on his love/hate relationship with his profession. He loves making music, but what does it mean once it feels more like a job? He loves his kids and wants to provide for them, but isn’t it odd that in order to do so he needs to tour constantly? It may be true that none of this is new territory for Sapient, but his constant growth has allowed him to revisit topics such as this while still keeping things fresh and entertaining.

“Yea, there’s a bit of hustle in my blood. I’ve learned to come up with a buck from doing something that I love. But tryna be a master of my craft, I took something that I loved and put a dagger in its back.”

You can watch the video for “Fool For Gold” below, and if the song itself doesn’t persuade you to pre-order the EP, maybe seeing his adorable children will do the trick.



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