MarQ Spekt – “Point Break (Feat. Conway, HPone & Buze Bruvaz)”


Back in 2014, MarQ Spekt hooked up with Blockhead to release JustPlayWitIt. Now, two years later, it would appear we are receiving a sequel to that album, Keep Playin. As I’ve come to expect, there were no social media posts, no exclusive blog premieres, nothing. I was just lucky enough to open up Soundcloud the day he uploaded the album’s lead single “Point Break.” As far as the song goes, it gave me exactly what I want from Spekt: some grimy production with a myriad of grizzly bars from Spekt himself and a bunch of other cats I’ve never heard about. It always manages to scratch that certain itch.

As of now, there’s no release date for Keep Playin, but “Point Break” can be streamed on Soundcloud below.

Update: Keep Playin is scheduled to be released on August 19th. Pre-orders can be found on Bandcamp.


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