Joe Budden – “Freedom”


This isn’t the first song about police brutality this month, and I’m sure it won’t be the last, but Joe Budden has something to say regardless. Hopping on Beyoncé’s “Freedom,” Budden discusses what it really means to be black in America. Although he quickly jumps from one topic to the next in rapid succession, the point is made clear, and the emotion in his voice hits home. While it’s been fun seeing Budden poke and prod Drake on wax, it’s moments like this where he truly shines as an emcee. No jokes, no models, no gimmicks; just real talk.

“Maybe I’m lost, signs are vital to me. Sandra Bland didn’t come off as suicidal to me. Y’all play around, thinkin’ we on safe ground. They killed Tamir Rice and his rights, right on that playground. Eric was selling cigarettes, “I can’t breathe,” it was said. The bigger threat he was a nigga, I bet.”

Listen to “Freedom” below.


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