Sapient Releases His Fool For Gold EP


After months of anticipation, Sapient has finally released his latest EP, Fool For Gold. Between the two music videos, a flip of Radiohead’s “Burn the Witch,” and multiple teases, I felt like this project was never going to come out. Last heard on 2014’s Light Tiger–the second volume in his Eaters series–Sapient spent most of 2015 touring, which meant no new material; something that hasn’t happened since his first commercial release in 2004. But he’s back now, and apparently better than ever, as Kyle Eustice of The Source calls this his “best work to date.” We’ll see if it can top my favorite record of his, but that’s something to be discussed on another day.

You can stream Fool For Gold on Bandcamp below, and if that’s not your preferred platform, it can also be found on Spotify, iTunes*, and other digital services.

*Folks in the EU get a bonus song.


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