IG88 – “Wayside (Feat. JPM)” (Music Video)


With his Swim Choir project now officially underway, IG88 revisits Hiding In My Hands–the album he released in February–to give us a new set of visuals. An IG88 music video is a rarity, so I had to do a double take when it popped up on my timeline just now. But it wasn’t a hallucination, and I don’t appear to be dreaming, so this is all good news. “Wayside” is an eerie tune that features vocals from JPM, and although it wasn’t a favorite of mine on the album, I love the concept of the video, which matches the song’s ominous tone perfectly. Shot by none other than Josh Dahlquist (aka Beige of Triceracorn), the video has model Kseniya Sovenko dancing in a shady motel, by herself, and the entire thing seems to be shot on an old camcorder. It’s really weird, it’s kind of creepy, and I love it.

Just a heads up that, due to the video’s aesthetic, there may be some shots which could be misconstrued as NSFW. It’s kind of hard to tell, so just keep that in mind.


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