Wool See – “Buddy Insole / Autumn” (Music Video)


Now that his Wool Seasons series is finished, and his tour with Onry Osbourne and company is complete, Wool See has released his first set of visuals for his most recent album, LifeAlert. However, instead of trying to paraphrase the press release, I’m just going to include that in the post. Partly because it’s nice and concise, and partly because I’m a little lazy at the moment. Sue me.

It’s been 12 years since IAME teamed up with director & visual artist Spencer Keeton Cunningham to create the music video for one of his best known songs to date, “The Abyss.”   Recently, they reunited in Portland and collaborated once again on visuals for IAME’s most recent release, LifeAlert (via his self-produced side project Wool See).

Buddy Insole” was shot in one take during an installation Spencer was putting together inside of One Grand Gallery (1000 E. Burnside).  The solo exhibit is titled Accession and opens July 29 – August 27, 2016.  For more info about Spencer Keeton Cunningham and his Accession Art Exhibit, click here.

You can watch the video for “Buddy Insole / Autumn” below.


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