Sadistik – “Perseus”


Sadistik is on a roll right now. After linking up with Kno (of CunninLynguists) late last year on their Phantom Limbs EP, the Seattle wordsmith quickly followed it up with his Salo Sessions EP in January, and it would appear he’s back at it again. Although it won’t appear on his upcoming album, he was in a giving mood yesterday and decided to share a loosie by the name of “Perseus.” Produced by Ronnie J, “Perseus” brutally attacks your eardrums with its intense bass and frenetic hi-hats, leaving Sadistik to dominate on the lyrical tip. Seriously, some of the schemes on this song are nuts, so if this is a loosie, I can’t wait to here what actually ends up on the album.

“So Oroborous, so Oroborous. I’m forced to course on my porous organs. Unfortunately my portrait’s morbid. I’m watching gore flicks of body torture.”


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