Illmaculate Performs “Skipping Stones” With TeamBackPack


If you haven’t realized already, Still Standing didn’t come out in August like originally planned, but Illmac just needed some extra time to fine-tune the music. If today’s surprise drop is any indication, the wait is going to be more than worth it. Linking up with TeamBackPack, Illmaculate does a live performance of “Skipping Stones” in the studio. This is like “Walk On Water,” “Do Not Disturb,” and “Sovereign Airspace” all rolled into a single track. Just about every bar is quotable and the beat is eerie and incredibly effective in its simplicity. Still Standing is now set to drop on October 28th and you better get ready. Infinite flame emojis on your bitch ass.

“Suicidal prone, use a blade to find my pulse. Finger gun to my temple, I fire chrome until my mind is blown. Tie a rope ’round my neck, tighten noose, climb an oak. Jump from the tree, uproot it and leave a giant hole.”


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