Brill (of Load B) – “The Weekend”


Earlier this week, Milc released his “Dirty Drawls” cut, and as promised, his Scumbag brother Brill is back with a solo cut of his own. While Milc’s track was quick and dirty (no pun intended), Brill came through with something a little more refined; showing the interesting dichotomy that is so often displayed in the duo’s music. Personally, I find Brill as an artist to be incredibly captivating and unpredictable. Due to Milc’s song, I was expecting something rough, maybe aggressive, but instead “The Weekend” is much more ethereal, and to be perfectly honest, a little pretty. Brill’s melodies on here are great and I love the way the horns were incorporated in the mix. I still have no idea whether these songs are supposed to be satirical or not, but either way, “The Weekend” is amazing. Give it a listen below.


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