Wool See Flips… Lil Yachty?


After the weird, crazy shit show that was 2016, you’d think nothing else could surprise me this year, but Wool See had to get one last jab in before the year came to a close. One of the more polarizing artists to blow up this year was Lil Yachty, who came up in what many have called the “mumble rap” scene. A few months ago, he teemed up with Sprite as part of a marketing campaign with Lebron James, and part of that campaign birthed his “Sprite Soda” jingle. Wool See apparently felt inspired by the jingle, flipped it, and put his political spin on things. The Flint water crisis, the Dakota Access Pipeline, Trump and his supporters–nothing’s off limits on this latest cut.

And since it’s that time of the year again, if you haven’t yet, give a listen to Wool See’s debut project the Winter Worn EP. Nothing like some depressing Christmas music, am I right?


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