Illmac – “That’s OK”


I don’t know who lit a fire under his ass, but after releasing Still Standing in October and The Red Tape on New Year’s, Illmac is back with “That’s OK,” a somber tune that’s depressingly appropriate for the month of love. As an artist, Illmac is currently in the middle of a stylistic change, and he continues experimenting on this latest cut, which is produced by none other than Chase Moore (these two have really found their groove in recent years). As Illmac raps over this stripped back instrumental, you can hear him crooning in the background, auto-tune and all. It definitely caught me off guard the first time around, but I don’t know, I think I kind of like it.

There’s no word yet on whether or not this is going to end up on a new album, but for the time being, you can stream “That’s OK” down below.

“You can point that finger at me, you can blame and judge me, and that’s okay. You don’t really love me like you think you love me, I can feel it, and that’s okay.”


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