Locksmith – “Agenda” (Music Video)


With Olive Branch finally on the way, Locksmith releases “Agenda,” the first single off his upcoming album. We last heard from Locksmith on September’s Lock Sessions, but even while promoting that mixtape, the California native was already teasing this new record. Now that we’ve been given a taste of what’s to come, I completely understand why. “Agenda” is brilliantly aggressive in its effort to life the veil on America’s hypocrisy and racism. In place of a hook is a simple throwback to Tribe’s “Can I Kick It,” and for the remainder of the track, Lock does just that. Incredibly well, I might add. While I personally feel the drums are a little distracting on here, “Agenda” still has me really excited to hear the rest of the album.

Olive Branch is scheduled for a March 31st release, but for now, you can peep “Agenda” below.


3 thoughts on “Locksmith – “Agenda” (Music Video)

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