Remo Drive – “Yer Killin’ Me” (Music Video)


Two words: holy shit! I don’t know who Remo Drive is, I don’t know where they’ve been hiding, but after hearing their latest single, “Yer Killin’ Me,” I never want to stop listening to them. Remo Drive is a “Dance Punk” emo trio hailing from Minnesota, and aside from a holiday song, a demo tape, and a split EP, the band doesn’t have much in the way of a discography. However, if this latest track is any indication, what they do have is spunk, and heart, and an infectious energy. The lyrics are catchy and fun while the instrumentation has this complex nostalgia that is difficult to describe. With their new project Greatest Hits coming out next month–great title, by the way–I don’t know if they’ll be able to sustain this captivating energy for an entire record, but you bet your ass I’m gonna be tuning in to find out.

Check out “Yer Killin’ Me” below and be on the lookout for Greatest Hits, which drops on March 16th.


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