Remo Drive – “Crash Test Rating” (Music Video)


Okay, can Greatest Hits come out already? Because I don’t know if I can wait another month for this damn album.

At the tail end of January, a Minnesota band by the name of Remo Drive released a new single, “Yer Killin’ Me,” and last week, the song started making the rounds online. Deservedly so, too, because the song and its accompanying video were amazing. Well, it seems Remo Drive wanted to strike while the iron was hot, because today the band has released another music video for “Crash Test Rating,” which I’m going to look at as the second single off their upcoming album, even though we have yet to see a tracklist. This new tune definitely embraces more of the Pop Punk elements found in their last single, so for some, “Crash Test Rating” may not be a worthy follow-up, but for those like myself who have no problems with the genre, the song makes it clear that “Yer Killin’ Me” was no flash in the pan.

“The bags in my eyes are too heavy to carry, I wonder if you’re around. My feet are too fragile for weight bearing, please come help and bring me down.”

Greatest Hits is scheduled for a March 16th release. For now, you can find “Crash Test Rating” below.


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