IG88 – “Solitude”


In celebration of his birthday a few day ago, IG88 gifted us with some new sounds late last night. If you remember, last year he released his latest album Hiding In My Hands on his birthday, so in keeping with what I can only hope is a new tradition, he’s released “Solitude,” another beautiful tune that sounds like it could have fit perfectly on his last record. It’s incredibly spacious and wavy, almost intoxicating, and the distorted strings floating in the background add a layer of atmosphere that is inescapable. He says this is a song he’s been “working on,” so if it ever ends up on an official project, it may be very different by then. We shall see.

You can listen to “Solitude” below, and in case you missed it, he released the debut album from Swim Choir this past December, which is one of his side-projects. I’ve included that below as well.


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