Flowertruck – “Dying to Hear”


I really don’t know how I missed this, but Flowertruck released a new single last Friday and it is amazing. Admittedly, I’m still relatively new to Flowertruck (I’m talking three-to-four weeks max), but I have fallen in love with this band’s sound. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, the quartet has an 80s aesthetic that sounds neither tired nor dated. On the contrary, it is incredibly charming and uplifting. Despite some of the despondent lyrics, Flowertuck’s music is so blissfully happy that it’s nearly impossible to feel anything other than delight. Their debut EP Dirt was released towards the tail-end of 2015 and “Dying to Hear” is the first release since. Picking up where Dirt left off, this new single has me incredibly excited to see what this band does in the future. Hopefully that means a full album, but we’ll see.

You can stream “Dying to Hear” on Bandcamp below.


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