Cigarettes After Sex – “Apocalypse” / Album Announcement


Well, it’s about damn time. Since 2012, ambient pop collective Cigarettes After Sex have released a grand total of seven songs spread across three releases, and it was finally announced yesterday that the group was ready to release their debut, self-titled album. The recently released “K.,” which came out in mid-November, is going to be included on the tracklist, but thankfully, the rest of the album consists of new material. However, with the announcement, the band also chose to release another single, “Apocalypse.” Led by the band’s signature dreary sound, “Apocalypse” feels homey and comfortable in its bleak sadness. Given the group’s very specific style, it’ll be interesting to hear how Cigarettes After Sex manages to keep things fresh across a full-length. In any case, I’m excited to hear what they bring to the table when Cigarettes After Sex releases on June 9th.

You can listen to “Apocalypse” below and pre-orders can be found on Bandcamp and various other retailers.


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