Gorillaz Announce Humanz + Release 4 New Songs


How did I miss this yesterday?

Back in January, Gorillaz made their triumphant return with the Benjamin Clementine assisted “Hallelujah Money,” a song that seemed to have people split, though I personally loved it. Well, after a six-year hiatus, the virtual group has finally announced its fifth studio album, Humanz. If the tracklist is any indicator, Humanz may be the group’s most verbose album yet, with 26 songs on the deluxe version. Of course, a Gorillaz album wouldn’t be a Gorillaz album without some guest appearances, and Humanz is loaded with them. From Hip Hop heavyweights Danny Brown and Pusha T to Grace Jones and Anthony Hamilton, there are very few songs on this new record that find Damon flying solo.

And in 2017, who announces a new album without also releasing a new single? No one, that’s who. But apparently, one single isn’t enough, as the announcement came with the release of not one, but four new songs (there’s 20 tracks on the main disc, I’m sure they can spare a few). I don’t know if “tease” is even the right word in this situation, because “Ascension,” “Saturnz Barz,” “Andromeda,” and “We Got the Power” are way more than that. The four songs are so completely unpredictable, and so unlike one another, that it’s impossible to gauge what this album is yet. The method may be unconventional, but one thing’s for certain, it’s a great way to generate hype.

You can find all four songs below and pre-orders are available here.


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