Sadistik – “God Complex”


Following the music video for “Free Spirits” a few weeks ago, Sadistik has just released the second single off his upcoming album, courtesy of HipHopDX. While “Free Spirits” was more ethereal and esoteric, “God Complex” takes a different approach, with a noisy, abrasive beat and some lyrical gymnastics that are as head-scratching as they are entertaining. In a way, Sadistik almost sounds unhinged on this track, as the faint, distorted vocals that can be heard towards the tail-end of the main hook can only be described as demonic, with the song coming to a close with a rough, aggressive series of “yeahs” that make for an interesting transition into the aforementioned “Free Spirits.” Given the dichotomy between these two songs, I am now very interested in hearing how the album comes together on April 14th.

You can listen to “God Complex” below and pre-orders for Altars are still available here.


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