Evidence – “Throw It All Away” (Music Video)


As promised, Cali game spitter Evidence has released the music video for his new single, “Throw It All Away.” And, oh boy, what a single it is. “Throw It All Away” isn’t just a tease, it’s more akin to an edging. Picking up where Cats & Dogs left off, this new banger, produced by his partner-in-crime Alchemist, feels incredibly personal. It’s almost as if Evidence is giving us a status update after a long absence, despite the fact he was on two records in 2014. The accompanying visuals, directed by Stephen Vanasco, are just as chilling, closing with a shot of Evidence, drenched with some unexpectedly long hair, looking down on himself. It feels like Evidence is currently in a different state of mind, so I’m curious to see what he brings to the table on this new record. It’s going to be hard not to burn myself out on this song before the album drops.

Although it’s been confirmed a new album is expected to come out this year, no specifics have been given, so for now, you can watch the video for “Throw It All Away” below.

“It’s the ignorance that causes all the bliss in my surroundings. Cause dealing with reality’s like drawing out your boundaries.”


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