DviousMindZ – “Want Me Back”


The Flower City Spring playlist from DviousMindZ pushes forward with yet another banger. Following last week’s Chris Rose co-produced “Downtown,” a slow,¬†spacey, and moody piece of music, this latest entry in the playlist takes a different approach, with something much more upbeat. In a way, “Want Me Back” reminds me of some of Dvious’ finest moments from his Elephant Shoes days. That’s not to say he’s regressing in any significant way, but that this particular beat is backed by a strong vocal sample, which is something I feel we haven’t heard from him in a while. This is still very much the DviousMindZ of 2017, however. The drums sound incredible on here and there’s even this interesting guitar sample(?) thrown into the mix. While I do wish the guitar itself was a little more prominent and in-your-face, I can’t complain too much, because it’s still an interesting sound to hear from the Canadian producer. Check it out below.


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