Aesop Rock Reminisces Over Camu Tao In New Music Video


It’s hard to believe it’s already been over a year since Aesop Rock released The Impossible Kid, his seventh studio album, though it’s only fitting he would release the music video for “Get Out of the Car” today. Continue reading


A Stroke of Brilliance Turns Five


Five years ago today, Brill of Load B released his debut solo album, A Stroke of Brilliance. Since its release, him and his partner Milc have dropped three projects as a duo, but neither emcee has chosen to venture back into the solo lane, which is a shame, especially considering how strong Brill’s debut truly is. When the album first came out, I hadn’t heard of Load B, and I wouldn’t be aware of their existence until the group released their Debauchery tape a year later. Since then, I familiarized myself with the crew’s various releases, and I came to the realization that 2012 was the year Load B started to come into their own. Continue reading