Illmac – Raising The Bar: Episode 2


Well, it didn’t take long for Illmac to break his own rules, did it? Originally introduced as a bi-weekly series, the battle rap veteran kicked off his Raising The Bar series last week, and he was apparently itching to keep it going. Hey, you’re not gonna hear any complaints from me. While I was originally concerned about how versatile these were going to be, this second entry in the series quelled my doubts almost instantly. Chase Moore’s production is incredibly airy on here, allowing Illmac to slow it down and get a little introspective. His usual braggadocio is still there, of course, it just has a new paint job this time around. He also name drops something called Gunpowder/Holy Water before he gets going, and even though I know EtheReal is in the pipeline, these studio verses have me really excited for what that could be.

Check out the second episode of Raising The Bar below.


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