Jeff Rosenstock Releases New Split EP With SKASUCKS


Out of nowhere, Jeff Rosentock and SKASUCKS have released a split 7″. Unfortunately, it was uploaded late last night, so the actual 7″ copies are sold out, but because this is 2017, the EP is still available for digital purchase on Bandcamp. What’s even better, however, is Jeff Rosenstock’s contributions are fantastic, which is great because I really didn’t like his last single, “Dramamine.” Of the five songs on the EP, Rosenstock is given two, “NEVERGONNAGETITBACKAGAIN!!!” and “She’s Got You,” a Patsy Cline cover. The former is a balls to the wall adrenaline rush, while the latter gives some punch and edge to an otherwise mellow tune. If you just want Rosenstock’s tracks, go here. Otherwise, the entire EP can be found below.


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