June’s Beat Tape is… Halftime Slow


With the end of the month just around the corner, I knew it was about that time for Theory Hazit to release yet another beat tape, and the man didn’t disappoint. Following last month’s Uglyface, Hazit’s new tape is Halftime Slow, which has a lot of basketball references in the song titles. I’m only three tracks deep at the moment, but there are some fucking bangers on this thing. I know there’s a subsection of his fanbase that isn’t really feeling these instrumental projects, but I admire what he’s doing for the culture, and you can’t hate on the consistency.

And though I said it on Twitter earlier, I want to congratulate the man on graduating this past weekend. As someone who’s working through his graduate program at the moment, I know college is a test of willpower and perseverance, so I have the utmost respect for those who choose to stick it out. I wish you all the best in the future, my dude.

Anyway, you can listen to Halftime Slow on Bandcamp below and I’m sure it’ll make its way onto iTunes, Amazon, et al. on Thursday night/Friday morning.


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