Illmac – “Morning Breath” (Music Video)


With Raising The Bar currently on hold, Illmac and frequent collaborator Chase Moore link up for “Morning Breath.” The last we heard from Illmac was early last month when he released the third installment in his Raising The Bar series. With some visuals courtesy of Kyle “Avocado” Gray, and an incredibly spacey and atmospheric beat from Moore, Illmac goes in on his isolation and current standing on today’s politics. Aside from the bridge that pops in after the first and third verses, “Morning Breath” is another incredibly well-crafted effort from Illmac, so I’m hoping it gets put on Bandcamp or iTunes soon. Word on the street is the fourth installment of Raising The Bar will drop when he hits 10,000 subs on YouTube so, you know, go do that if you want to speed up the process.

Anti-social if you cut from this cloth

Can’t be emotional, I’m shrugging it off

Check out “Morning Breath” below.


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