IG88 – “Promise”


With every new thing IG88 does, fans get some insight into the man’s psyche. What now seems so unsurprising in retrospect, the psyche in question is as fractured and tortured as one might imagine. While the somber tunes on his earlier work flirted with these emotions, each new outing seems to drench itself in them, overwhelming the listener in his sadness and desperation. Because of this, considering my current mental state, his new single “Promise” hit me incredibly hard, as we see Branden take his music in a direction that was only toyed with back in 2013 on his Walter Clemingtree tape.

The new single is thick, smokey, and suffocating, with a haunting vocal sample that is easily identifiable with a quick Google search, but I’m not a snitch, so look it up yourself. Alongside the new song, he also lifted the veil on his Jisatsu no otōsan side project–something he seems to have been working on since the beginning of the year–which, if I’m understanding it correctly, roughly translates to Father of Suicide or Suicide Father. Either way, the name is a pretty good indication of where his head is at, and if not, the translation of the latest song should be, as “Watashi o koroshite” literally translates to “kill me.”

I get where he’s at, though. Only difference is he’s releasing these tunes and actually helping some folks while I’m filling up rhyme books and internalizing everything. Even if he doesn’t think so, what he’s doing is important, and with all of the recent music-based suicides, I hope he’s able to keep his head above water. One love.

You can listen to “Promise” below and, to be honest, you really should.


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