Illmac & Goldini Bagwell Tease the Sonic Soundscape of Ethereal on “Last One”


A few months ago, the release of Ethereal was up-in-the-air, as all we knew was it was coming “sometime in 2017.” However, not only do we now have a release date, pre-orders were made available today. Along with the pre-order roll-out, fans of the Portland spitters were gifted with two songs off the album. The first, “Last One,” was released last week on Spotify, which is why I didn’t cover it. Taking an unexpected direction, the Little Warrior collab is incredibly minimalist and spacey, with Smoke M2D6 providing an electro-house beat while both emcees bounce off of one another (thanks for that, by the way).

Things switch up on “Amusement Slaughter,” which is much more noisy and abrasive, and appears to only be available for those who pre-order the record, as it isn’t listed on the reverse artwork for the album. Both songs caught me completely off guard, so I’m not quite sure if I like them yet, but either way, the fact that these two are doing something a little unexpected has me itching to hear the rest of the record, which arrives in a few short weeks on August 18th.

You can listen to both “Last One” and “Amusement Slaughter” below.


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