Illmac & Goldini Bagwell Release Ethereal


Less than a month after the album’s lead single was released, Ethereal, the collaborative effort from Illmac and Goldini Bagwell, is finally here. Spanning 11 songs–12 if you copped the pre-order–Ethereal is entirely produced by Smoke M2D6, who has collaborated with fellow Sandpeople member IAME in the past, and is in the process of producing OnlyOne’s new record. Given the lyrical talents of both emcees, it’s no surprise the only guest on the album is Little Warrior, a singer/songwriter who is also on the Heaven Noise Recordings roster alongside Goldini Bagwell and IAME, the label’s founder.

Press release:

The pair work and build off of each other’s lyrics in a way that most other duos can’t. While Illmac has been dubbed one of the best battle rappers of his time due to his rise through the Grind Time & King Of The Dot ranks, Goldini has been garnering his own accolades through recent releases like the well received Smoker’s Jacket single series, as well as touring throughout the country. Combined these guys have more time on the mic than most rappers will see in a lifetime. Their polished expertise shines over Smoke M2D6’s production for an experience that is rightfully described as Ethereal.

Ethereal can be streamed or purchased on Bandcamp below and can also be found on all major digital outlets.


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