Illmac – Raising The Bar: Episode 5


Although he didn’t come out as the winner of the Caddy Royale (I blame ya’ll), Illmac still keeps it pushing by releasing the fifth installment of his Raising The Bar series. As he rides the wave of the recently released Ethereal, Illmac wasted no time jumping back in the studio to lay down some more bars. As we’ve come to expect, Chase Moore is back on production duty, laying down an absolute banger, which Illmac proceeds to tear to shreds. On this new cut, the two manage to create an interesting dichotomy, as the beat is monstrous and intimidating, but Illmac’s performance is calm, cool, and collected, like he already knows he’s better than you. *scratches head* He kind of is, though, so I can’t say I blame him.

You can peep the bar-fest below.

“So concerned with the next trend, that’s boring bruh. But I was breast fed, so fuck a formula.”


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