Simple / THNDRTHF Announces New Album


Just like that, out of nowhere, the ever-elusive THNDRTHF casually dropped a bombshell on Twitter about an hour ago. It’s been a year and a half since Posting While High was released–the almost three-hour beast he dropped on Heaven Noise Recordings–and as a fan, I wasn’t sure what to expect next. The album felt like a random collection of beats and thoughts, mostly because it was, so I didn’t know if this was simply (no pun intended) his way of emptying his vaults and wiping his hands clean of music as a whole. It sure seemed that way.

It looks like I was wrong on that front, though, because per his most recent post on Twitter, he has a new album scheduled for November. The teaser image is interesting, to say the least. Heavy Walkabout (presumably the album’s title) can be seen in big, bold letters, and right in the middle, in darker text: Simple. It’s been close to a decade since he’s used his old moniker on a release of any kind, so if we’re to assume he’s dropping the THNDRTHF name for this release, this would mean Simple is gearing up to release his second studio album–his first in 12 years.

Now I ask: Is it November yet?


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