OnlyOne – “Counter Intelligence (Feat. IAME & Goldini Bagwell)” (Music Video)


As OnlyOne finishes up his new album, which is said to be titled Fuck You, he takes a trip down memory lane to put out a new video for “Counter Intelligence.” Back in 2013, after releasing his Cult Classic mixtape the previous year, OnlyOne was gearing up to release a sequel tape, which was led by this “Counter Intelligence” single. While having IAME and Goldini on the track was news enough, the real kicker was the fact that THNDRTHF came out of hiding to provide the instrumental. It’s grimy, it’s loud, it’s abrasive, and four years later, the video manages to match this sonic aesthetic with some incredibly low-budget visuals that are akin to something you’d find on a conspiracy theorist’s website. It’s like they pulled the video right out of my brain.

Oh, one more thing. I know it’s been a while since I’ve listened to this joint, but holy shit, Goldini’s verse is incredible!

“I’ll be eating mushroom clouds ’till I fade away. Safety’s not guaranteed now, you gotta pay to play. On the day-to-day I stay in this┬áHelter Skelter. Waiting for a plague to lay waste to this fallout shelter–planet Earth. ‘Till then I’m prying the lid off this can of worms to see how this cancer works.”


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