Illmac – Raising The Bar: Episode 6


It’s been a few months, but Illmac strikes back hard with the sixth installment of his Raising The Bar series. He dropped this at the perfect time, too, because I’ve been binging on old Sandpeople records the past couple of days, so I’m in full-on Stan mode right now. All jokes aside, excuse my french, but this is fucking tough! Chase Moore drops one of the most Boom Bap-y beats I’ve ever heard him produce and Illmac comes through and slaughters it. I swear, these two have such great chemistry together. They just make it look so easy. Bars on bars on bars.

“Malcolm Gladwell’s David, attack Goliath. Rely on one strength til ya disadvantaged by it. I’m at the White House protesting acts of violence. Throwing molotovs laughing–that’s a riot!”

Oh, and for those who may not have heard, Illmac recently started a Patreon page with the goal of getting these videos out on a more consistent basis, so if you want to support him on that, go here. Otherwise, you can watch Illmac’s lyrical homicide below.


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