Evidence and Premo Reunite on “10,000 Hours”


We’re only two weeks away from the album’s release date, but Evidence decided to let one more out of the bag before fans were gifted with his third solo album, Weather or Not. Following “Throw It All Away” and “Jim Dean,” “10,000 Hours” sees Evidence and DJ Premier reuniting once again for a short, heavy banger. The track is laced with some classic Premo production and Mr. Slow Flow himself drops some¬†incredible¬†quotables. I’ve been really enjoying the album roll-out thus far, but man, I think this may be my favorite cut at the moment. Though I wish it was a little longer, Premo and Ev go together like peanut butter and jelly.

“Met a lot of people I admired, inspired by their talent. I’d look the other way if they was criminal or violent.”

Weather or Not is set to drop on January 26th. The album can be pre-ordered here and “10,000 Hours” can be seen/heard below.


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