Who Are You, What Are You Doing Here, and Why Should We Care?


Who am I? That’s a good question, but one that results in a pretty boring response. I’m just some dude–a nobody, really. I love music, and film, and writing, though the latter doesn’t get as much time and attention as I would like. Between my graduate program and work, I’m not allowed a lot of time or mental energy to do a lot of writing, but I make time when I can, and the end-result is the content that is found on this blog.

This blog acts as an extension of my now-defunct Tumblr page. The limitations of the platform forced me to look for simple alternatives, and viola, here I am. Majority of the posts are going to be small music updates, with the goal of doing at least one piece of long-form content each month. Yes, I understand every asshole on the Internet has an opinion, but in the age of Twitter, we rarely have detailed discussions of thoughts and ideas, and I need an outlet to discuss things like that because music and film are so important to me.

There is another reason, though. The smaller posts, while acting as filler, also act as an outlet for those who have similar tastes as me, but like me, have been unable to find an online outlet that actually keeps up with some of these lesser-known artists. The Internet has opened the musical floodgates and new artists are pouring in every second, which means it’s physically impossible for one place to cover everything, so that’s where I come in. I’m going to cover the artists that matter to me. I’m going to shine light on the small acts that I feel don’t get enough attention, and hopefully I can turn some people on to some great music. If not, at least I tried.

One love.


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